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There’s no end to the range of problems that can occur when a clogged or obstructed drain is left to worsen. Irrigation and drainage is something that many people throughout the country take for granted in this day and age, which is surprising when you consider how much rainfall we get!

Nationwide, drain unblocking accounts for a very large percentage of our quarterly client services. Though there’s no question that the construction industry has become near-perfect in terms of providing flawless infrastructural design intended to abate excessive waste water in buildings of all spec, things can and do still often go wrong.

When there is an incident, there’s no better team of professionals to have in your corner than the ones here at UK Commercial Group. Our drain unblocking specialists are renowned nationally due to their abilities in the fast and effective correction of blocked and obstructed drainage systems.

To see how we complete our service, please watch the video below:

A Truly Nationwide Drainage Service

UK Commercial is extremely unique in the sense that we offer our eclectic, practical and dependable service to a wide roster of commercial clients all over the United Kingdom. Servicing small, medium and big businesses, it is our unending goal to offer the same unparalleled and expert service no matter what.

Though difficult to spot at first, a blocked drain can transpire into a very serious situation in a very short space of time indeed. Things can go from appearing as normal to causing a serious problem in just a couple of short hours. When that happens, it can lead to unscheduled business closures; not to mention the accumulation of huge tradesman bills!

At UK Commercial Group we like to think of ourselves as representing the happy medium. Our teams are strategically placed throughout the country so as to enable us to serve any client, anywhere, with immediate effect. A large part of maintaining healthy drainage in a commercial premise’s is to do with knowing what to look out for. When we visit you for a job, we make it our goal to educate as well as rectify the situation at hand.

In the event that your business is suffering at the hands of troublesome blocked drains, don’t hesitate for one second longer – get in touch with customer support team and discuss how our nationwide drain unblocking services can be of assistance. You can reach them over the phone: 0800 032 9533 or via email: info@uk-cc.co.uk

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