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Nationwide Commercial Plumbing Services

UKCG is one of the country’s most renowned nationwide commercial plumbing companies. Dealing with a diverse portfolio of clients across all kinds of industries, we work to develop, maintain and repair plumbing systems on a near-constant basis – all over the UK!

As anyone who has ever encountered one will know, even the smallest plumbing problem can quickly grow to become unmanageable. In our experience, the larger the issue, the larger the bill – so with this in mind, it’s always better to take preventative measures long before breaking point is reached. By enlisting the help of a commercial plumbing company a business will remain forever protected against common plumbing mishaps; and prepared against the unexpected.

Plumbing is a permanent mainstay within our collection of core client-facing services. As such, we’ve worked to build a diverse roster of clients on a nationwide scale.

Dedicated Commercial Plumbing

As commercial plumbers, our experienced team members specialise in dealing with large systems that service office blocks, warehouses, schools, council buildings – you name it! Moreover, we’re one of the only commercial plumbing services to offer a fully nationwide service.

A plumbing emergency is always a big stress, though in most cases will be completely avoidable if the right measures are taken. We work with many clients on an on-going contract basis to ensure that these measures are always being taken – and that any problems never grow or develop into something that damages trade.

Regardless of the size, industry, status or annual turnover of your business, our national commercial plumbing services can be of assistance. We carefully tailor unique packages to suit the individual needs and requirements of each client – taking into account all of the aforementioned in the process.

We also offer property maintenance services which includes plumbing, decorating, joinery, tiling and more!

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With offices in Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Leeds and London, we’re very well placed to serve the entirety of the UK. In facts, that’s exactly what we have been doing, successfully, for a very long time now.

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