Emergency Extractor Fan Repairs

June 05th, 2024 - by Mark Towers

UK Commercial Group are your go-to for emergency extractor fan repairs.

Our skilled team ensures top-notch air quality in your kitchen, swiftly fixing any broken fans.

We’re specialists in commercial kitchen ventilation and extraction systems, offering flawless repair of extractor fans and extractor hood canopies.

Commercial kitchen extraction systems are lifesavers! Providing a safe and controlled environment for cooking, they eliminate harmful cooking fume, maintaining premium air quality.

They also replace stale and possibly contaminated air with fresh air, essential for a healthy kitchen environment.

Canopy hoods and grease filters are the two main features of a commercial kitchen extraction system.

Canopy hoods, positioned over the cooking area, draw air up and out of the kitchen, while grease filters trap grease and smoke from the air, ensuring cleanliness.

Regular maintenance of your kitchen extractor fan is fundamental.

A properly maintained system ensures the safety of your employees, the quality of your food, and prevents hazardous carbon dioxide build-up.

Cleaning to a TR19 Standard also helps maintain compliance with health and safety regulations.

Should you have any concerns about your system, give us a call on 08000329533 or email us at info@ukcommercialgroup.co.uk

Broken fan on roof

Broken fan on roof

Grease impingement on a fan

Grease impingement on a fan


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