Kitchen Deep Cleaning

July 20th, 2023 - by Mark Towers

Kitchen Deep Cleaning:

Kitchen deep cleaning is a service which UK Commercial Group are proud to offer on a fully national  services.

You can be sure that our expert team can reach you no matter where you are in the UK.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, having a clean kitchen is of the upmost importance!

A kitchen is a breeding place for germs and mess.

Washing or wiping hands, work surfaces, chopping boards and knives is not enough to kill Bacteria and Viruses.

They must be clean above 70 degrees.

While you may not run a restaurant, a staff kitchen, School kitchen or any other type still needs to be cleaned for Hygiene reasons.

We’ve found that our kitchen cleaning services are one of the most popular services that we actually provide.

We think that this may be due to the fact that no one likes cleaning their own kitchen and that we have some of the best cleaners in the business.

As we have a perfect clean guarantee you know that the job will be done right first time.

Kitchen extraction Cleaning:

If you aren’t looking for a full kitchen clean, and you just need an expert to look at your extractor hoods and fans, then we also have a service for that.

We are sure anyone who works in the catering industry know how important yet difficult it is to maintain a clean and safe extraction system.

Failure to carry out regular duct cleaning can be a major fire hazard, and not just that it can invalidate a buildings insurance cover!

Cleaning Supplies:

You can also buy supplies to keep on top of the day to day cleaning from our online store.

Just click HERE to order online

Dirty deep fat fryer

Clean deep fat fryer

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