Kitchen Extraction Cleaning - TR19

July 20th, 2023 - by Mark Towers

TR19 Grease:

Grease extraction cleaning is an extremely important service to have completed on any commercial kitchen.

Over time grease builds up within the ductwork and becomes a massive fire hazard.

The TR19 Grease is a document that is specifically focused on fire risk management of grease accumulation within kitchen extraction systems.

Government statistics for 2015/16 showed over 1100 fires in retail catering establishments.

Health & Safety:

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) (England & Wales) Order requires the monitoring and review of fire safety arrangements.

This holds the responsible Person on a site to make sure they are complying with this order.

Most importantly this ensures compliance with the above order cleaning to a TR19 Grease standard allows you to provide a safe and healthy workplace for your team.

This also allows you to comply with regulation 6- Ventilation and regulation 7- Temperature in indoor workplaces of The Workplace (Health, safety & welfare) Regulations 1992.

Compliance with these regulations allow you to establish a good moral standing for your team.

Your insurance company will also normally request a certificate from a competent person.

Insurance companies recognise TR19 Grease as the industry standard for this service.

We can provide free of charge quotes to come and clean your kitchen extraction system.


We are also as a BESA approved training centre so we can train you or your team on how to clean to this standard.

UK Commercial group offer:

Grease Hygiene Operative Grease hygiene Technician Combined GHO & GHT course

The courses are designed by BESA and delivered by in house trainers.

As a result of this you can then be assured that you are learning from people that have been out on the ground floor completing this type of work.

Greasy Kitchen Canopy

Kitchen canopy after TR19 cleaning

Dirty baffle style filter/ separator

Clean baffle style filter/ separator

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