What you can Learn on a Deep Kitchen Cleaning Course

Whatever your occupation, whether you are in hotel management, a chef in the catering trade or an employee of the cleaning industry, you will learn and benefit from a Deep Kitchen Cleaning Course.

The course is held over two days and has both classroom and practical sessions covering everything relevant to obtain a BESA/TR19 standard certificate for your workplace.


These sessions cover two areas: how to use kitchen cleaning equipment and the most effective ways to clean a commercial kitchen. It teaches you the difference between carbons, grease, limescale, dirt and grime, the causes and how to remove them. It also covers chemicals and their correct uses. The course further teaches safe working practices, safety whilst using gas appliances, and the correct protective equipment required.


Practical sessions cover the cleaning of filters, extractor hoods, fans, splashbacks and ducts. All the appliances found in a kitchen, plus work surfaces and any tiled areas, are also covered. The course demonstrates how to fit access panels and how to effectively clean the floor area, either with chemicals or by steam, including the different methods for tiles, vinyl, stone and metal floors.

Basic food hygiene whilst working in a kitchen environment, requirements for working in a food preparation area and the correct method of sanitisation are all also covered.

If you strive to make your business successful, having the above qualification will enable you to demonstrate good working practices and will help towards achieving a 5-star award from the Food Standards Agency. This is awarded to businesses that are compliant with food hygiene and health and safety and is a brilliant advert for your future business.

There are a number of companies around the country, such as UK Commercial Group, that offer a wide selection of training dates where you can take a Deep Kitchen Cleaning Course and obtain certification to BESA standards.

January 15th, 2018

Tony Earnshaw

Managing Director

Since single-handedly forming the UK Commercial Group a decade ago, Tony Earnshaw has remained at the helm - overseeing the company's developments and making all of the plays necessary to remain at the forefront of a highly competitive industry.

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