How to Choose the Right Tiles for Your Business Premises

March 26th, 2015 - by Blueshark Design

Tiles offer an easy, affordable and low maintenance way of upgrading your commercial premises with presentation in mind. However, with the never-ending range of tile products available, choosing the right tile type and style for you can be difficult without the right know-how.

As leading tilers in Durham and the rest of the North East, UK Commercial Group delivers a comprehensive list of services for those wishing to enhance their commercial appearance. Our tilers are highly experienced in the removal and installation of ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring, and as a result we understand just why our customers choose to opt for this décor type. Here we provide essential guidance on how our commercial clients can select the right tiles for their premises before calling us in to complete the work!

Sample the lighter side…

When it comes to improving the appearance of your interior or exterior, opting for darker shades will only mean a dark and dingy finish. There are many tile colours to choose from but opting for lighter colours over darker shades will add a light and airy feel to rooms of all shapes, sizes and uses. The use of lighter coloured tiles is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms or spaces that have minimal access to natural light.

…but don’t be afraid of colour

Light doesn’t have to mean white! Whilst white may be a safe option, showcasing your business’ personality through your décor is a must for all. Colours that reflect your business branding are always recommended and can have a positive impact on visiting clients and customers as well as the employees who arrive at your premises every working day.

See tiles as an investment

You should view your décor in the same way you view any other business investment. Putting your best face forward is an essential way of presenting a more professional and reputable image, and for visiting clients and customers, a shabby headquarters can often be perceived as an unreliable brand. Never compromise on your tile choice, instead look at it as an investment in your wider business’ image.

Always choose a professional tiler

Whilst expanding your DIY repertoire at home is something we are all guilty of, creating that professional look and feel only comes with expert help. Our tilers in Durham can be called upon to assist you with all aspects of your upcoming tiling project.

If you are yet to choose your tiles, utilise the advice mentioned above and call our team for help choosing a fitting product for you. Call us today on 0800 032 9533 for further advice.


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