Keeping Your Property Safe from Damp

June 18th, 2018 - by Blueshark Design

Damp can be a problem in any home. If your home has walls that feel cold to the touch or there’s condensation on your windows in the morning, you need to take action. Below are some of the signs that your home has a damp problem, that you need to treat before it becomes a threat to your health.

Be Vigilant

Prevention is definitely better than a cure so keep on top of your household maintenance. Clean your gutters twice a year and check for signs of sagging or damage. Keep a look out for slipped tiles and crumbling mortar that can be signs of a damp problem.

Keep your home warm and well ventilated so that the air has a chance to circulate. Provide an escape route for any moist air to reduce condensation, and maintain a constant temperature to keep your interiors warm and dry.

Remove excess moisture from the air by tumble drying clothing or hanging on a washing line, covering cooking pans with a lid and using a dehumidifier to remove any dampness in the air.

Ask the Professionals

Tackling cases of household damp and mould can be relatively simple. You can tackle signs of mould using a proprietary cleaner before painting on a damp stopper and redecorating. Also take the time to treat grout and sealant or remove and replace if necessary.

However, if you identify signs of penetrating or rising damp in your property you may need professional help to install damp-proofing solutions, including a damp proof course or membrane or internal waterproofing.

UK Commercial Group are highly experienced in dealing with damp problems in commercial premises and in designing an appropriate damp-proofing solution for any situation, the highly trained and experienced damp-proofing technicians will also provide a free on-site inspection and no-obligation quote.

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