What Plumbing Upgrades Do UK Commercial Group Provide?

February 20th, 2015 - by Blueshark Design

Your commercial or industrial building’s plumbing work can present a number of problems without the correct level of maintenance, and as a business or building owner it is up to you to ensure your pipework is functioning as it should be.

Poorly maintained systems can quickly spell disaster for companies of all sizes, with emergencies such as leaking pipes disrupting the working day and putting a dampener on your team’s productivity. A commercial building that operates well is a basic for every business and our established and experienced plumbers in Durham have the expertise you need to resolve any problem, big or small.

Here we take a closer look at just some of the services delivered by our plumbers in Durham so you can take care of issues as they happen as well as give your building the regular maintenance it needs.

Dealing with emergencies

Emergencies do happen, and often when we least expect them, but knowing who to turn to in times of trouble is important. Our plumbers in Newcastle can be called upon if you encounter any sign of trouble, after all a leaking pipe can result in untold damage if not attended to right away.

Bathroom upgrades

Your bathroom facilities are a necessity for not only your employees but visiting clients and customers. Ensuring your facilities are well presented and operational is important, our plumbers in Durham assist with all aspects of bathroom plumbing, including the resealing of baths, shower trays and basins, grout replacement, tap installations, valve replacement and full bathroom refurbishment.

Our operatives are also fully equipped and trained to deliver the same level of service in your kitchens and communal areas so that your staff can enjoy facilities whilst away from their desks. Basics like drinking water can also be improved with our water softener installation service.

Maintaining your central heating system

As well as assisting with maintenance and emergencies in the bathrooms, kitchens and communal areas of your building, your central heating system may also need some tender loving care, particularly if it is an older system. In addition to providing servicing and repair for the boiler itself, our operatives can also conduct radiator replacement and valve repair to ensure the heat generated is distributed as it should be throughout your establishment.

Whether you require our plumbing services on an emergency or contract basis, UK Commercial Group can help. Call us today on 0800 032 9533 or email info@uk-cc.co.uk for further information.


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