Renovate Your Business with a Fresh Lick of Paint

September 17th, 2015 - by Blueshark Design

Many businesses could benefit from a change in appearance, but more often than not, it never happens because business owners think renovations are too expensive. But if you own a business, you don’t necessarily have to renovate to make it look brand new; you don’t even need to hire a team of decorators.

The Benefits of Paint
A new lick of paint anywhere in your commercial establishment can have many effects. The colour you choose can change the size of a space. A lighter colour can make the space look larger, while darker shades will serve to make the space smaller.

You can save even more money my choosing only one wall to paint. This is called an accent wall, and it can add a lot of drama to a space. When thinking of which wall to choose, you can select a part of the room that already has a feature on it, such as where a fireplace is installed. Or, you can paint an accent wall and add a feature to it, such as a shelf.

The front of your business can also gain a lot of benefit from painting, giving your business a more contemporary and inviting feel.

Colour Psychology
Regardless of whether your business is located in the north east, south west or anywhere in between, colour psychology may play a role. For example, red may be a good choice if you’re running a restaurant, because it encourages the appetite. Those in the health care industry may opt for healing and calming greens, while communications businesses may gain the most benefit from blue, which facilitates better understanding.

When considering the painting of your business, you may also wish to consider low-cost options such as recycled paint, which is available in a wide range of colours.

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