Spotting Potential Problems In Your Rental Properties

January 28th, 2016 - by Blueshark Design

property-damageIf you’re renting out a property, there are a few things you need to be on top of to help save you money further down the line. Spending a little to prevent a problem will definitely be less expensive than dealing with a full-blown emergency at a later stage.

The benefits of preventative maintenance
With rental properties a preventative maintenance approach is essential. This means spotting potential issues before they become major, expensive problems. For example, cracks in walls, signs of damp and leaking taps. The best way of identifying these issues early is to carry out regular maintenance checks.

Perform a walk-through of the property, ideally with the tenants who can alert you to anything they’ve noticed, and check for any signs that there could be an underlying problem. There are also professional maintenance companies that can carry out this inspection with an expert eye.

What should you be looking out for?
Firstly, consider safety. Are the smoke alarms working? Not only would a fire be a risk to your tenants, it would also cause significant damage to your property. Are there any signs of damp? These might include a musty smell, discolouration of the walls or ceilings, excessive condensation on windows, or any signs of mould. Damp is an early warning sign of something, perhaps a loose roof tile or leaking pipe. This will need fixing and the damp treating.

Also look out for leaking taps, appliances or toilets. If dealt with early, these problems can be addressed with minimal expense. Finally check for anything that may be going on in the property that is not permitted. For example smoke stains on the ceilings of a no smoking property.

Regular checks are essential, particularly at time of the year when the weather changes and, with it, usage patterns. Inspections can be performed by landlords or specialist maintenance companies. Either way, early intervention is invariably better than cure.

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