The Best Supplies for Winter

November 21st, 2018 - by Blueshark Design

Preparing for challenging weather conditions is essential if you want your business to run smoothly throughout the harsh months of winter. Snow, ice and rain can vastly increase the risk of slips, trips and falls, so to minimise the risk you need to be winter ready.

Essential Supplies for Outside

Ensuring that surfaces are not slippery can go a long way towards preventing accidents. You may need to invest in a new grit bin for easy storage of grit. These are available in a 200 litre size that is ideal for many businesses.

If you need to spread grit over a wide area, a rock salt grit spreader will make the task much quicker and easier and will also prevent wasting grit by spreading it too thickly in places which can happen if you do the job manually.

For businesses that need to de-ice paths or outside areas quickly, brown and white rock salt is available in 25kg bags. You could also consider investing in less slippery walkways or in covering them with insulating material or an arbour.

A snow scoop to quickly clear access routes is also essential and you need to check that you have plenty of safety signs available. Your first aid kit should be checked regularly, and it is important to invest in all the high visibility safety clothing your staff may need.

Essential Supplies for Inside

Doormats can easily become sodden or messy in the winter. Ensure yours are in good condition and if not, replace them as worn entrance mats can create a hazard.

You will also need carpet stain remover in order to keep mats and carpets in a good, clean condition throughout the winter, and calcium removers are also very valuable.

Stocking up on winter supplies needs to be done before you realise you have a problem. Why not contact our expert team today for help and advice.

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