The Importance of Unblocking Drains & Toilets

February 08th, 2021 - by Blueshark Design

When it comes to blocked drains and toilets, prevention is always better than a cure so it’s always best to regularly maintain your drains and be aware of any potential signs of a blockage before it escalates into a complicated and expensive problem.

Sewage system

Any waste water in your home or workplace is deposited through the drains into a larger sewage system. If the drains become clogged then unsanitary water will be prevented from reaching this system and may well back up into the building. Not only is this incredibly unpleasant but it can also cause a serious health risk to anyone in the building, not to mention structural damage as water leaks into walls and weakens them from the ground upwards.

How blockages form

Blockages can often start as a small build up of things that simply shouldn’t be down a drain – such as grease, oil, hair, sanitary products or foreign objects. Signs that a drain is becoming or has become clogged include slow draining of water, gurgling sounds from the the pipes, an overflowing toilet or a sulphuric smell. In order to combat blockages before they occur (particularly from build up) maintenance cleaning, otherwise known as preventative cleaning, is advisable. This can often be carried out at home with a variety of everyday items, such as boiling water and baking soda along with tools such as a plunger or rod.

However, in some cases, professional drainage cleansing is needed and at UK Commercial Group we are able to provide routine maintenance cleansing as well as the clearing of advanced blockages. So keep your staff and building safe from the consequences of blocked drains and toilets. It is a cost-effective and sensible measure that could save you a lot of money and hassle in the future.

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