Tips for Commercial Cleaning

October 01st, 2014 - by Blueshark Design

Keeping a workspace clean helps employees do their jobs without distractions and makes a good impression on clients. Cleaning professionals and office workers must be on the same page to keep offices tidy and presentable.

Tips for Employees

While some employees assume that office cleanliness is not part of their job description, it is important to create a professional environment, and to do so, everyone needs to pitch in. In between visits from a cleaner, employees can:

  • Take responsibility for personal trash/clutter. Instead of leaving trash on break room tables or the restroom floor, employees need to throw waste in the proper bins and file excess papers. Post respectful reminders if unclean conditions persist to remind forgetful employees.
  • Wash their kitchen supplies/utensils. For example, everyone can wash their own coffee cups. Break rooms are especially susceptible to unsanitary pile-ups; a cleaning policy for all employees needs to be in place.
  • Address spills immediately. Obviously, this does not apply to potentially hazardous spills or stubborn stains, which need to be handled by professionals, but it is easy to wipe up a spilled beverage to avoid a sticky mess on floors and surfaces.
  • Keep essential cleaning supplies handy. Things like dish soap, antibacterial wipes, and sponges shouldn’t be a luxury if you value a clean office.

Tips for Professional Cleaners

Commercial cleaners already know procedures for office cleaning, but these strategies will make the job more efficient.

  • Pay attention to restrooms; be sure to check soap dispensers and paper towel supply. Restroom cleanliness (or lack thereof) leaves a lasting impression.
  • Keep windows and floors clean. Customers and employees who see a dirty glass door or window might think twice about that business.
  • Take regular care of the floors. While this can be time-consuming, it improves indoor air quality and overall appearance.

Remember, in a commercial setting, that people will take better care of a place that they can be proud of.

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