Top Cleaning Tips from the Pros

September 19th, 2014 - by Blueshark Design

For those of you who tend to put off cleaning as long as possible, and then spend hours bogged down in chores, there is an easier way. Professional cleaners utilise several strategies that help make cleaning a less arduous task, and will help even the most inefficient cleaner master the task in record time.

Set a Schedule

Rather than waiting for a day when you have nothing better to do, take a tip from professional cleaners and implement a regular schedule for cleaning. Setting—and sticking to—a weekly schedule helps make the job more manageable.

Even before you begin the job of cleaning, you should have tidied up. Surfaces need to be free of papers, toys, dishes, etc. before you can get down to deep cleaning, so make sure you de-clutter all surfaces and put things where they belong.

During your set time, motivate yourself by listening to energetic music, turning off the TV and avoiding the phone. Even better, enlist the help of family or friends; this will improve your speed and efficiency. It can also help other household members appreciate the value of keeping clean!

Use the Right Tools

Make sure that you prep for cleaning by organising all of the supplies and equipment you will need into one area. Most professionals depend on the following four cleaners: light-duty (i.e., glass or multi-surface) evaporating cleaner; heavy-duty de-greasing cleaner; tile/bathroom cleaner; and a powdered abrasive cleaner. Most chores can be handled with these four cleaners alone; you won’t usually need special products and tools.

In addition to products, make sure you are using the right clothes: comfortable, washable, and supportive. If using chemicals, you should also wear goggles and gloves for protection.

Be Thorough

Rather than cleaning around sporadically, pick a spot and clean that area thoroughly before moving on. Use both hands to maximise your time and efficiency.

After you finish, make sure you refill and return your cleaning equipment to its storage area. This will help make your next scheduled cleaning time a breeze.

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