Keeping Your Gutters Maintained

September 21st, 2016 - by Blueshark Design

Well maintained gutters can keep any home protected against a raft of problems, including damage to bricks and mortar and internal leaks. Gutter maintenance is a relatively simple job that can save thousands of pounds in internal and external repairs. Whether you have cast iron, PVC or steel guttering, the principles are the same.

Clear Debris, Roofs and Drainpipes

Using a good set of ladders, first inspect the guttering and identify any problem areas. Blockages caused by a build up of leaves and other debris can be easily cleared with a scraper or a trowel, working away from the downpipe. For ease of removal, empty debris into a bucket. Ensure you wear safety goggles and gloves.

Remove any debris that you can reach on your roof and dispose of it. This will prevent leaves, twigs and other rubbish being washed or blown into your newly cleaned guttering. Now rinse thoroughly with a hosepipe or pressure washer.

You’ll need a set of drainage rods to ensure your drainpipes are clear – these can be purchased from any DIY store. Simply insert the rod in the top of the drainpipe and any blockages will be forced out through the bottom of the pipe.

Take Preventative Measures

You’ll need to clean your gutters at least once a year, and more if you have trees in your garden. You can purchase leaf guards and gutter brushes to help minimise the problem and simplify cleaning. A ball of chicken wire placed at the top of the down spout can be effective in preventing blockages. However, you will still need to run a full maintenance check at least once a year.

You may find that your gutters are sagging or leaking. It’s not a difficult job to replace gutter brackets and to patch small holes with a DIY kit, but for more advanced gutter maintenance we provide a full service if required.

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