Ultimate Damp Proofing Guide

June 24th, 2021 - by Blueshark Design

Damp walls can cause many problems in your property. Living surrounded by damp is neither a pleasant nor healthy experience yet is a common problem in UK homes due to the constant cold and wet weather. Damp is bad for your walls and furnishings and as well as creating an unpleasant odour, it is extremely bad for your health especially for those who are vulnerable, old, very young or asthmatic.

You may need to use a commercial damp proofing company should your property exhibit significant damp issues. Damp can be caused by a range of factors that allow excess moisture into poorly ventilated areas of your house. You can often spot damp growing and rising up walls or penetrating them. This is usually caused by rising damp from excess moisture that spreads through your walls from external sources or perhaps poor damp proofing at the base of the wall. One of the most common symptoms of damp in the home is condensation. This is visible on windows and doors leaving behind moisture and black mould.

Damp proofing services

All of the above are signs that you could need a damp proofing expert service to identify and rectify the issues causing damp in your dwelling. Depending on the type and extent of the problem, a range of solutions can be applied to address it. A combination of paints, damp proofing membranes and tanking slurries can be used. A damp proofing membrane is specifically designed to block excess moisture from passing through your walls, thus keeping it out of your home.

It is essential to use a trusted, reliable and professional company to damp proof your home as any mistakes can become extremely costly. Our damp proofing technicians are fully qualified, trained and highly experienced and we offer a free initial survey to ensure correct identification of the problem.

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