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Drain & Gutter Cleaning

At UK Commercial Group we understand the importance of having clean gutters and drains especially to our industrial and commercial customers. We have made sure to provide not only a great quality drain & gutter cleaning service but one that is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

You may think leaving blocked drains will sort themselves out, however they can cause significant problems for buildings, and encourage the growth of harmful bacteria, creating a health hazard to both your employees and visitors.

There are a few signs that can be noticed if your drains are in need of a clean: an unpleasant odour, sinks failing to drain water, gurgling sounds after the water has drained or toilets overflowing.

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Your gutters need to be cleaned before they can grow to a point, they become unmanageable and therefore harder to fix. A lot of our clients will have us come out to carry out regular inspections of their systems in order to ensure that any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The team here at UK Commercial Group are specialised in every aspect relating to your drains or gutters, and we are on call to help you out with your problem, wherever you are in the UK. Yes, we can reach you anywhere in the UK with our nationwide team!

We will be able to help you address the problem, eliminate the blockage and health hazards while also finding out if there are any underlying causes, making sure to prevent re-occurrences.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what we can do for your business, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team who would be happy to help with all your queries.

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UK Commercial Group carry out a wide range of both Practical & online training & cleaning courses at our Team Valley head quarters. Our training courses range from one day sessions to multiple-day sessions. Our specially bespoke training facility includes a purpose built commercial kitchen and classroom.