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Whatever your business is, a pest infestation could ruin your work environment and pose a severe hazard to your business and your customers. This is why it is important that as soon as you notice the signs that you have a problem, you need to get professionals out to fix your pest control problem.

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Many don’t realise but the risks change depending on the type of pest you are faced with:

Rodents: Both rats and mice don’t just pose a threat to your health but also can cause damage to your carpets and furniture. In extreme cases they can also create fire risks by chewing through electrical wires. Especially in the hospitality industry, if you are found to have a rodent infestation, it can cause damage to your reputation, with risk of being closed down due to health and safety.

Birds: On the lower end of the risk scale, birds can guano which will ruin the appearance of many offices and industrial buildings. However, they also carry diseases, creating a health risk for your staff and customers.

Insects: Fleas and mites are a very common pest, and are often brought into the office through staff who have domestic pets. These can quickly take hold in carpets and pose further irritation. Wasps, hornets or bees in some cases can cause offices to close down while the situation is addressed due to stings.

Our team are fully qualified to deal with all types of pests and offer a very fast response service on a nationwide scale. You can also be sure that we offer a humane and environmentally friendly way to control the pests.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our pest control services and what we can do for your business, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team who would be happy to help with all your queries.

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