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The ways in which drain cleaning differs from drain unblocking are numerous. We could easily delve into the deepest detail possible, but at the risk of boring you all – won’t bother in this instance! The process of cleaning a drain is thought of as more of a preventative measure. The reason that we tout our drain cleaning service as one of our primary offerings is because there is no more effective way to prevent a drain blockage than through cleaning!

Though the level of design and quality found in the drainage systems of buildings (both commercial and residential) in the UK is typically very, very high, we still do a lot of work to help our clients maintain theirs. The reason for this is simple: we live in a wet country that ensures muggy, damp summers and long, cold winters. This fluctuation in weather conditions not only has an adverse effect on the materials used to construct drains and disposal units, but creates an excess of debris that manages to find its way into places where it is unwanted!

The Best in the UK

We’ve spent years working very hard to become the best national drain cleaning service providers in the United Kingdom. Starting out as a business servicing primarily local clients, we’ve spread to offer our dynamic range of services to businesses all over the country.

The size of our client and service rosters aren’t the only things that have grown in recent years; we’ve also noted a huge hike in profile and reputation as a result of being the most reliable, cost effect and experienced specialists in the business. Our team is made up of professionals who have years of experience in their fields, unmatchable customer service capabilities and the ability to act fast in order to save you unnecessary expense and hardship.

You’re never alone when you’re this close to UK Commercial Group. Our dedicated team deals with a large range of clients across all industries and in all areas of the country. If you’ve got an issue, our nationwide drain cleaning services are never far away. Contact our customer support team over the phone on 0800 032 9533, or via email: info@uk-cc.co.uk for an immediate consultation!

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