Avoiding Damp in your Home

March 10th, 2017 - by Blueshark Design

Water in sinks and bathtubs is fine, but it can cause unsightly damage in other parts of the home, such as mould, decay and peeling wallpaper. If you aren’t avoiding damp and you find it in your home this can have a negative effect on health and make respiratory problems worse, along with the bacteria that can thrive in moist conditions.

If there is evidence of damp such as peeling paint, slime or bubbling plaster, do not ignore it. Damp does not usually fix itself and action will be required to find the source of the problem. It is also useful to know what kind of damp it is.


This is a very common cause of damp, especially in the winter months. Moist air can condense on cold surfaces and it is most often found in rooms where a lot of moist air is generated, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Inadequate ventilation can aggravate this. However, steps can be taken to minimise this, such as ensuring tumble dryers are vented correctly. Also try and dry clothing outdoors, and contain steam from kettles and cooking. Extractor fans in the bathroom or kitchen can help with eliminating unwanted moisture, as can improved ventilation.

Rising and Penetrating Damp

You may notice damaged plaster, a wet floor or affected skirting boards, or there may be a tide mark on the wall along with cystallised salts. Professional advice may be required to deal with this and install a damp proof membrane or a damp proof course to prevent water moving up through the walls.

Penetrating damp tends to move horizontally and is generally caused by structural problems such as leaking walls, guttering or roofs. Internal pipes could also be leaking. The source of the water will need to be found and repaired.

Making sure your home is not affected by damp requires vigilance and ongoing maintenance to rectify small problems before they become large ones. Consulting experts in home maintenance may be a useful way of protecting your valuable property. UK Commercial Group can help with avoiding damp in your home, get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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