New Year Health & Safety Courses

January 21st, 2017 - by Blueshark Design

The New Year is always a good time to evaluate your company’s training agenda for the coming year, and the need for a well trained workforce has never been greater. Contractors will assess the quality of training your workforce have received before awarding contracts, UK and EU employment law has never been more comprehensive in regards to Health and Safety, and legal firms that specialise in expensive personal injury claims have never been more numerous. If those incentives weren’t convincing enough, consider that 30.4 million working days were lost in 2014/15 in the UK due to work related accidents and illnesses.

Without a Training Program You are Living Dangerously

Statistics available from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that cleaning services have approximately the 16th highest injury rate of all occupations, and no wonder – because the range of areas in which a cleaner is at risk from, or may cause, accident and injury is surprisingly broad. They include the obvious slips and trips, falls from heights, electrocution and mechanical injury from equipment, dermatitis and other chemical burns, obnoxious fumes in confined spaces, toxicity, dust, back ache and repetitive strain injuries, vibration injuries, fire risks, improper use of protective equipment, and failure to fully understand hygiene regimens required in the work areas where they’re engaged.

Our Full Range of Courses Addresses All Your Requirements

UK Commercial Group organise a host of courses to address the entire range of health and safety requirements, including COSHH, ladder safety, lifting equipment, emergency first aid, accident reporting, proper use of work machinery, use of protective equipment, kitchen equipment handling and food hygiene, fire regulations and precautions, and even courses on traffic management and subterranean working. We provide all the machinery and protective equipment that students will need and certificate their successful attendance if required. Our courses are held throughout the year – several every month – are inexpensive and open to any interested party.

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