End of tenancy and void specialists

August 03rd, 2023 - by Mark Towers

UK Commercial Group are end of tenancy and void specialists

We work together with councils, property management companies and private landlords nationwide.

As well as waste disposal we can clean, paint and make good the gardens ready for new tenants to move into a property.

With teams throughout the UK we can complete these work’s in a timely and efficient manner meaning less time your property sits empty.

Clearing out a property in a timely manner can help save against potential damage as well as enabling you to let the property out again.

This means the property is earning again as opposed to sitting dormant.

As UK Commercial Group are end of tenancy and void specialists our teams are trained and experienced in this type of work.

If you have had issues with drug misuse in a property we can also complete needle sweeps and decontamination cleans.

Needle sweeps are important to ensure a safe working environment for yourself and any contractors that may enter the property.

The Health and safety at work act ensures that you provide a safe place of work for anyone entering one of your properties.

You can see more on our website page by clicking HERE.

End of Tenancy & Void Specialists

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