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Construction Safety Awareness Courses | UK Commercial Group
If you work in construction, it’s vital that you understand how health and safety applies to your job. You have a legal responsibility to work safely, and not to endanger your fellow workers. If your actions put others in danger, you could find yourself being prosecuted. So the best protection for you and others, is to take construction safety awareness courses.

Find Out About Keeping Safe on Site

This kind of course will give you an overview of health and safety law, then run through the main hazards that you’ll find working in construction, whether that’s on big project sites, or smaller jobs in houses, shops and offices.

To name just a few – do you know the regulations that govern working at height? You should do, because you’ll be at risk if you don’t. Similarly, there are special precautions to be taken when you are working in a confined space, are carrying out an excavation or are actually working below ground.

Using Equipment to Avoid Hazards

Many construction jobs involve moving materials or unloading vehicles that have arrived on site with bricks or other loads. The manual handling techniques you’ll learn on this course can save you from a lifetime of back trouble.

And what about angle grinders, or equipment that uses abrasive wheels? These all produce dust, and you need to know how to protect your airways from it. Do you know what PPE stands for, or when you should be issued with RPE? If you don’t, you are putting yourself and possibly your workmates at risk.

Construction Safety Awareness Courses are a great place to start increasing your knowledge and we offer training where you’ll find out about the hazards listed above and much more. You’ll also get to know about further, professional health and safety qualifications you can take, which may help you progress in the construction industry. Contact us for more information.

September 26th, 2017

Tony Earnshaw

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