Why Plastering Should be Done Professionally

August 24th, 2017 - by Blueshark Design

Plastering is one of those building tasks that, at first sight, looks pretty simple. However, getting a good, smooth finish, and even getting the plaster to stick to the wall, is much more difficult than you might think. It takes a lot of training and practical experience for professional plasterers to learn their trade and it’s a task that’s difficult for DIYers to master.

Whether you’re building a new extension, have some old plaster that needs replacing or need to skim a cracked ceiling, it’s worth employing a professional to do the job.

Material World

Plaster may seem to be pretty generic stuff, but in fact there are many different types. Older properties for example may have lime plaster, more modern buildings will have gypsum type plasters. It’s important to know the difference and use the right type. Using modern plasters on older buildings, for example, can lead to more problems than it solves by preventing the wall’s ability to ‘breathe’.

A professional plasterer will take account of the age and type of building and will use the correct plaster and tools for the job.

Neat and Tidy

As we’ve already said, plastering is trickier than it looks. It can be easy to create a lot of mess if you’re trying it for yourself. Not only that, you’ll probably end up with a less than perfect finish. Employing a professional may cost you a few pounds, but it’s surely worth the cost in order to avoid mess and disruption and have a job that will look good for many years to come.

The likelihood is that a professional plasterer will complete the job much faster than you’d be able to yourself too. That means less disruption and being able to decorate your newly plastered space and get back to normal as fast as possible.

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