The Importance of Extractor Fan Maintenance

April 16th, 2018 - by Blueshark Design

Your indoor air quality is just as important as the outdoor air quality and yet recent research has shown that the air quality inside buildings can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside.

Why Extractor Fan maintenance is so Important

While you may already know that extractor fans can help to improve indoor air quality and reduce humidity levels, what you may not currently be aware of is the fact that the maintenance of your extraction system is an essential requirement that is not to be overlooked. Not only does maintenance ensure an extended life of the equipment itself, the consequences of not maintaining your extractor fan can be extremely serious.

Extractor fans that are not regularly cleaned and professionally maintained can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria, potentially causing unpleasant odours and running the more serious risk of becoming an environmental hazard, which can have the potential to breach Environmental Health laws, invalidate your insurance policy and put your employees and customers at risk. Poorly maintained units can also pose a fire risk, causing extensive damage, injury and even loss of life.

The required maintenance schedule for each individual system will largely depend on the usage of the unit and the effectiveness of the air filters. However, it is generally recommended that the filters should be cleaned at least quarterly, along with the supply and extract grills.

To ensure your entire extraction system is clean, safe and maintained on a regular basis, the best advice would be to look for nationwide companies, who can offer fully qualified technicians and fixed price quotes without any hidden costs.

In addition, technicians should be able to recommend an appropriate maintenance schedule tailored to suit the requirements of your premises, and in line with industry standards and best practice.

Reputable companies such as UK Commercial Group will also offer a 1-year guarantee on all extraction fan repairs.

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