The Importance of Gutter & Drain Maintenance

Gutter Replacement & Repair

Gutters and drains are an often overlooked part of our properties and we may not give them much thought until they start to drip and leak and generally cause problems.

The most common issue found with gutters is that they can easily become clogged up with leaves, twigs and other debris. Broken or leaking joints and damage caused by storms are also frequent problems. Expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature can sometimes lead to issues with joints dripping or with downpipes becoming disconnected. This is why it is particularly important to check your guttering once the cold, snowy and stormy winter season is over.

It’s important to have your gutters regularly inspected and cleaned and to replace any damaged sections so that they can continue to do their job effectively. Spending a little on maintenance as soon as any issues become apparent can avoid much more expensive gutters repairs later.

Drain Problems

Drainage systems are another common cause of issues for property owners. Because they’re underground and out of sight you may not realise that there’s a problem until they start to back up or cause flooding. Common issues include pipes becoming blocked by debris or fat, or tree roots causing damage to pipes. A blocked drain can lead to bad smells and can become a home to rodents, so it’s important to attend to any issues quickly.

Dealing with blocked drains is a skilled job, but modern techniques mean that it doesn’t have to involve huge disruption and the digging up of pipes. Experts, such as UK Commercial Group, can use cameras to identify a problem and then use no-dig techniques in order to clear blockages and to reline the pipe, so there may be no need to excavate your lawn or drive in order to fix the problem.

March 19th, 2018

Tony Earnshaw

Managing Director

Since single-handedly forming the UK Commercial Group a decade ago, Tony Earnshaw has remained at the helm - overseeing the company's developments and making all of the plays necessary to remain at the forefront of a highly competitive industry.

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