Just Why is Kitchen Deep Cleaning So Important?

January 21st, 2020 - by Blueshark Design

We’ve all seen Gordon Ramsay shouting and swearing at filthy kitchens on TV, but according to the US Centre for Disease Control, one in six people become ill from food made in contaminated kitchens every year. Commercial kitchens can be a hotspot for germs if not properly kept, and making sure that your kitchen is a healthy environment should always be a top priority.

Every kitchen should have a routine and rota for ensuring that it is sanitary and correctly maintained by the kitchen staff. Consider following our guidelines in making sure your kitchen has been thoroughly clean and safe for customers.

Kitchen Cleaning Guidelines

– Your ovens are among the most intensively used items in the kitchen and not keeping them clean means they are less efficient, food is less consistent, the equipment doesn’t last as long, and your staff are at risk from oven fires. Spills and debris should be removed daily.

– The kitchen floor quickly gets dirty from footfall and spills, presenting a safety hazard to those working in the kitchen. However, improper cleaning leads to bacteria growth which causes foodborne illnesses and attracts vermin. Make sure it’s regularly swept, reaching underneath equipment, and thoroughly washed.

– The exhaust hood of an oven can soon cause a fire if not cleaned. Give it a regular deep clean.

– Kitchen equipment should be soaked and cleaned after each service, and this includes the walk-in refrigerator! This requires daily cleaning and a wipe down to prevent germs and mildew from growing.

It’s important to ensure that hard-to-reach areas are kept as clean as those seen every day. Being trained by professionals as to how to undertake a full deep clean is a huge benefit to a working kitchen. This will teach staff the best ways to keep equipment safe and ready for use year after year. A training course, such as the UKCG Kitchen Deep Cleaning Course, will prepare your team for any cleaning challenges.

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