Finding A Specialist Plumber For Drainage Repairs

July 24th, 2016 - by Blueshark Design

Did you know that the ancient Indus civilizations were installing domestic drains some 5000 years ago in parts of Asia? Or that 2500 years ago the Romans were already drainage experts, and in 1972 an intact Roman sewer was discovered under the streets of York? It serviced an ancient bathhouse, the leisure complex of its day. In those days, the drains and sewers were kept clean by slaves who crawled through the pipes, digging them out with shovels. Then along came the industrial Victorians, who changed drainage into an art form with their Gothic, brick-built sewers and cathedral-like reservoirs.


Of course, our domestic and business drainage these days may not be as old as the Indus or as bold as the Victorians, but should something go wrong, then repairing it can prove just as much of a problem. That’s why finding a specialist plumber for drainage repairs is so important. For a start, should you have a blockage or a leak, a specialist plumber can help to inform you if it’s even your problem in the first place.

Following changes to the Private Drains and Sewers Regulations in 2011, they can help you decide if the problem lies with you or your local utility company.

Thankfully, drainage repairs have moved on since the Roman times, and these days all kinds of specialist equipment is available to minimize the cost, the disruption and the duration of repairs. This includes no-dig renovations, where a liner is fed through existing pipe-work, as well as crawler-camera fault-finding to quickly indicate just where the problem lies.
Specialist plumbers for drainage repairs use the right equipment for the job, which means they can not only take into consideration the cost and the disruption involved in every job, but they also do so in the most environmental friendly way possible.

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