Property Maintenance Tips for Winter

November 22nd, 2016 - by Blueshark Design

As winter approaches, there are a number of things a wise householder can do to protect their valuable property. Taking action now in a few key property maintenance areas could avoid some expensive repairs later.

Water Damage

Autumn is the season of falling leaves, and they can block drainpipes and gutters. When drainage is slow, a backlog of water could end up pooling or filtering onto the roof and then leaking into the dwelling. Make sure all dead leaves are cleared away to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Frozen pipes and the mess that results if they burst are a perennial risk during the colder months. There are, however, simple procedures that will eliminate most of the risk. First, look for any holes or cracks in walls that could allow frosty outdoor temperatures to freeze pipes, and make sure they are fixed. If installing pipes, make sure they are in heated parts of the property, away from outdoor walls. If there are already pipes in place that appear vulnerable, a plumber can fit them with insulation sleeves. Finally, the heating can always be left on at a low level to make sure nothing freezes.

Heating Appliances

This is a good time of year to make sure the radiators and the boiler are working properly. Radiators can heat unevenly due to trapped air, so bleeding them can not only help them function better, but be more energy efficient too. Likewise, getting the boiler serviced can improve its efficiency, and make sure there is no leakage of water or dangerous gases.

Thinking ahead and taking preventative measures means fewer problems and smaller bills than waiting for a disaster to occur. If it is difficult for you to undertake necessary property maintenance, it would be a good idea to consult professionals UK Commercial Group Ltd, as we have a range of experts on hand.

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