Getting The Right Janitorial Supplies For Your Company

October 18th, 2016 - by Blueshark Design

Janitorial supplies are essential for every business. Clean and tidy premises aren’t just about keeping up appearances in front of clients, but can be imperative for complying with health and hygiene regulations.

Sparkling Clean

There are a variety of different cleaning products available that tackle different areas, such as work surfaces, floors, washbasins and toilets, so it is vital that you choose the right product for the most appropriate application. Don’t be tempted to use one product for all your cleaning needs, as this may not be effective enough in specific areas, especially if you work with food or areas that may be infected by potential contaminants. For areas where germs may be an issue, choose a cleaner that has antibacterial properties. Make sure your cleaning products are suitable for the specific materials or surface types – wood will almost certainly require a different type of cleaner to glass or metal, for example.

A Helping Hand

It’s no good having the right cleaning supplies if you don’t have the necessary tools, equipment, machines or products that provide a helping hand to keep areas clean. Ensure you have the right type of brush or mop for specific surfaces, so that they glisten and sparkle and don’t look smudgy or get scratched. If contamination is a potential issue, invest in some colour coded cloths to isolate cleaning supplies in different spaces. When using machines or equipment, follow instructions for safety purposes.

Think about health and safety when you use your janitorial supplies. If areas are being cleaned or are wet, erect wet floor signs to prevent anyone slipping. Make sure you are wearing the appropriate protective clothing, gloves and footwear for the task in hand.

Whatever type of janitorial supplies your business may need, contact UK Commercial Group for all your requirements.

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