The Importance of Gutter Repairs During the Colder Months

December 21st, 2016 - by Blueshark Design

Problems with roofs and gutters happen more in the winter than they do any other time of year, and it’s the autumn time of the year you need to prepare for any gutter repairs. The cold can have a big impact on your home as a whole, but surprisingly the roof and gutters are an area that are neglected all too often. Checking on the gutters through the winter should allow you to stay on top of any burgeoning issues and fix them as fast as possible.

Drain the Night

Gutters are out of sight for the most part given that they are above our heads, and keeping them clean tends to be on the bottom of household chore lists. Winter brings bad weather and gutters can become full of leaves and debris from trees that are picked up by the wind. Disgustingly enough, they can also become trapped with dead animals and animal nests, so giving them a thorough cleaning is important to maintain effective drainage for your home. If you have an overflowing gutter you’re going to know about it, as water will no longer be drained down the side of the house but will likely be raining down on your head!

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Gutters play a big part in keeping your roof dry and clear during the wet, cold months, and as long as you have a dry day, repairs can be made just as effectively as during warmer seasons. In the cold, ice can form, blocking the drainage system and cracking the gutter as it expands. It can also cause the gutter to develop rust and that can make them leaky and ineffective. Snow and ice can linger for weeks and cause quite pricey roof damage, so staying on top of your gutter repairs is imperative to your home and your wallet!

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