Flood Restoration and Protection

May 22nd, 2024 - by Mark Towers

Flood Restoration and Protection is becoming an important topic!

Flood damage has without a doubt become a more serious and prevalent issue in the UK.

Weather patterns causing flash floods have increased over 7% in the last 10 years.

This is causing many more Villages, Towns and city’s to be flooded.

Flood water causes varying degrees of water damage depending on it’s severity.

Floors, walls, soft furnishings and even building structures can be affected.

If a building has been affected by flood water, it is important that it is assessed and water damaged items are removed and dried quickly.

This helps to prevent more damage happening to the structure of the building and minimises further risk of health hazards.

Brown flood water can contain hazardous waste and sewage contaminants that can pose serious health risks.

UK Commercial Group have teams of experienced and specialist operatives that specialise in Flood Restoration and Protection.

They can be with you anywhere NATIONWIDE within hours.

These teams can survey your property, remove the waste water and any damaged items, clean and sanitise your premises.

Then if necessary install dehumidifiers and blowers to dry out your property.

As well as deodorising, disinfecting and decontaminating your premises to prevent further contamination and mould growth.

UK Commercial Group- Ready to respond

Flood damage teams nationwide

Flood restoration

Restoration ready!

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