Looking after your Drains & Gutters in Winter

December 18th, 2018 - by Blueshark Design

Winterising your home is crucial when wind, rain, snow and ice are on the way. Central to any winter maintenance plan should be an overhaul of your drains and gutters. They’re the first line of defence against bad weather. But for gutters and drains to protect your home they need to be in perfect working order; otherwise they’ll be unable to carry water away from your foundations, with sometimes catastrophic results.

Looking After Gutters and Drains

It’s important that you ensure that gutters and downspouts are clear, clean and undamaged. When debris builds up, rain water is unable to drain and you could be storing up problems for your attic, walls and foundations. And if the temperature falls and an ice dam forms, you could be creating significant damage to your home.

When it comes to your drains, a frozen pipe can cause chaos, especially if it happens during the heart of the festive season. Lagging exposed pipes and ensuring that drains are running freely will help to avoid any winter-time problems. Avoid blocking your drains with fats and oils and check for any leaks that could cause problems later.

Clearing your gutters involves working at height, which can be hazardous. And if your drains need repairing, you may prefer to get in touch with the professionals.

Ask the Professionals

Preparing your drains and gutters for winter can be a relatively straightforward job if you have a scheduled maintenance programme in place. But if your drains are cracked or need replacing and your gutters are damaged, it could be a job for the professionals. 

At UK Commercial Group we offer a wide range of maintenance services to keep your drains and gutters in shape for the winter. We offer no-dig and mess-free drain repairs plus high-quality gutter, fascia, and downpipe replacements anywhere in the country. Have your winter maintenance done by the professionals and you can start the new year with complete peace of mind.

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