Taking the Time to Maintain your Garden

October 29th, 2020 - by Blueshark Design

Autumn is the time of year when people spend more time indoors and enjoy cosy evenings in watching TV. It is also the time when people start to neglect their gardens!

The barbecue has been packed away until next year and the parasol taken down, however, don’t be too hasty and abandon your garden just yet, because if it’s looked after and cared for you can enjoy it all year round.


Autumn can bring some glorious sunny days and there is nothing better than sitting outdoors on a beautiful crisp morning with the sun on your face, enjoying a morning cup of coffee. It’s the perfect way to create some head space and have some quality thinking time.

Taking the time to look after your garden means you can enjoy it for longer and, even if the weather is miserable and you are indoors, you can still enjoy the view. Having some colour in the garden throughout the year will help brighten darker days and give you the pleasure of spotting the wildlife and noticing the first new shoots of life appear.


Keep cutting the lawn as late into the season as you can and regularly check your garden clear of leaves and debris to ensure the lawn stays healthy. If you are a business with an outdoor or garden space, it is important to keep it clean and tidy, both for your staff to be able to work in a nice environment, but also to give a good impression to your clients and visitors.

Ensuring the paving is free of moss, guttering is clear of leaves and overhanging tree branches are trimmed, all takes time and expertise. If you are looking for a company to help you maintain your garden, the UK Commercial Group provide a range of services that include moving, weeding and tree cutting.

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