Window Cleaning Tips

May 27th, 2021 - by Blueshark Design

Everyone loves to see their windows sparkling clean but it’s easy to leave them streaky … and yourself sodden in the process, so how should you go about cleaning your windows while avoiding the pitfalls?

You don’t need lots of fancy equipment to successfully clean your own windows but it helps to get the right things together before you start. A squeegee, large sponge, bucket, washing-up liquid, lint-free cloth, newspaper and some warm water is really all you need, although if having to reach high-up windows, you may also need a ladder and/or extension pole.

How to do the Job Properly

Preferably pick a day when the sun isn’t too bright as this can heat your windows and cause streaks to form. Another tip is to only use a few drops of washing-up liquid in your bucket of warm water. Dip in your sponge to pick up just enough water to wash without becoming sodden – this will help avoid getting water everywhere, including on you!

Wipe the window frames first, then wipe them down with the lint-free cloth. Rinse the sponge and see how dirty the water is already. Chances are that you’ll already need to change it. Now wash over the panes of glass with the sponge, then use the squeegee to remove the suds by using the professional ‘S’ manoeuvre or by drawing the squeegee down from the top of the window to near to the bottom, repeating all the way along. Then turn the squeegee horizontally and draw it across the bottom edge to remove all traces of dirty soap suds.

You might like to try and achieve an even more professional finish by using a folded sheet of clean newspaper to polish the washed panes of glass.

If all of this sounds daunting, why not call in the window cleaning professionals. UK Commercial Group is on hand to assist!

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