Tools Every Business Needs for Reopening During the Pandemic

May 27th, 2021 - by Blueshark Design

Recent times have been incredibly difficult for businesses. In light of the pandemic, companies have had to close and consider how they will be able to welcome customers back into their establishments. Keeping all staff and customers safe now that businesses can reopen is of the utmost importance and there are steps that can be taken to ensure that guidelines are adhered to and that everyone is kept as safe as possible.

Signage: Reminders that all customers and visitors should keep a two-metre distance are to be displayed. Floor markings can be used to make this as clear as possible. Adequate signage should be used to make everyone aware of where the sanitiser is located and, if applicable, where the log to record personal details for the test and trace programme is situated. For some businesses, this is a mandatory requirement. More information can be located on the Government website.

Hand Sanitising: Hand sanitiser should be readily available to all staff and visitors at an establishment. This should be clearly visible and accessible to all. If possible, staff can be positioned at these stations and ask those who enter to use the sanitiser.

Test and Trace Station: Upon entry to certain businesses, visitors will need to record their details in a log or scan the official NHS QR-code poster. This is in order to keep track of everyone who enters and at what time so that if there were to be a case reported, those in the vicinity at the time can be notified and told to self-isolate.

Social Distancing: Adequate screening wherever it is applicable can be used where distancing is not possible. Clear signage and floor markings will confirm that the business is doing all it can, requesting clientele to adhere to the two-metre social distancing guidelines, which are currently in place.

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